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Saturday, January 22, 2011


What a rough week. We found out on Monday Tyler had Pneumonia. Of course the extreme worrier that I am it freaked me out! We went to the emergency room on Tuesday night because his breathing was a little scary. They observed him for a bit and then sent us right home. The next day Aaron had to go out of town and Tyler woke up 10 times worse. I was devastated. I couldn't understand how he could be sick for 5 days and not seem to be getting better. By 4pm that afternoon he finally starting acting like he was feeling better. A good friend of mine came over to help me (Leslie is an angel) and by the time she got there he was running around the house bouncing off walls. I am sure she thought I was a drama queen. I have heard that kids always make there parents look like liars ;)

So for future reference if your kid has pneumonia most doctors won't tell you to or not to take them to the hospital. We were told if he was very lethargic take him. (He slept all day one of the days). We were also told if we saw his rib cage take him in. Of course I saw his rib cage he was rapidly breathing. Now that I have gone through it I know now that sleeping all day and rapid breathing isn't as serious as I thought but boy it was scary.

Bad news is I have been told that once you get pneumonia you will always be susceptible to it. Not looking forward to going through that again.

Tyler is much better now. We are in Canada for the weekend. I will say I am a little scared of him relapsing but trying not to let my worrying problem ruin everyones fun.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The holidays

We had such a busy 3 months. We were in Texas most of it. My best friend got married and I got my first girls weekend since Tyler was born. It was a blast catching up with old friends. Then we had a surprise birthday party for my mom in November for her 60th b-day! It was a blast and she had no clue. Tyler stayed in Texas for over a month. He had no clue how long he was gone. He loved everyday of it. His Nana and Papa would take him on nature walks. His Aunts took him to the zoo and PalPal and PaPa took him fishing. If you are wondering he does know the difference between both grandparents. He gets mad if you call the other the one the wrong name. He played with cousins and opened many many presents over the holidays. We did Santa at my parents house. It was such a blast. He wanted a ball, gun, white cake, brown cake, and a spaceship with a man in it. Santa brought him all that and much more. Nana Santa ate the cake and banana Tyler left for him and even left some boot prints.
To sum it up we are so glad to be back in Washington we were a little home sick. We have made some great friends here and are just so in love with the beauty. 2011 brings great things! I can't wait to share more of lives little blessings.
Here are some pictures from the last view months

Santa left some great toys
Tyler's very own spaceship
Santa's footprints
Tyler got white cake and a brown cake
Mrs. Clause ate the cake and banana

We took Tyler to College Station to see Texas A&M he goes around telling everyone he is an Aggie!
He is obsessed with guns! All because Nathan played them with him at Nanner and PalPal's. He got some really cool ones for Christmas. Mom is not very happy about this new stage.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Staying Busy

I was looking forward to moving because I thought it would slow our life down but moving made me realize that we are not slow down type of people.
  • We have jumped right into Young Life
  • I joined a MOPS group on Tuesdays
  • Tyler has gymnastics every Monday
Our down time usually looks like this......
Tyler loves to find thing in his drawers before he goes to sleep

Crud War

Tyley on his puter" Daddy on his computer

He is the happiest when he is eating sugar

And the quietest when he is watching cartoons

Thursday, September 16, 2010


A lot great things happening here. This is a quick update but more to come. We have settled in and are still loving it. We absolutely love our church. It is so perfect for both of us which is something we have both been needing really bad. We have met so many great people. Here are some pictures and quick updates.
This is our new really good friends Keith, Jenny, and Nolan. They are in charge of Young Life in our area and are a huge reason we are now taking over the Stanwood YL. Tyler loves Nolan but for some reason wants to rename him and call him Noah.
I joined a local MOPS group here. Which is awesome btw. It is the highlight of my week. They have a glass that teaches Tyler. I told him he was going to school and he got so excited. He was in the class for over two hours and he got great reviews from the teachers. He also told me that he didn't cry and was so proud of himself. He is such a good boy.
Football season has started and it is a little weird not being in Texas. Washington has many football lovers too. Aaron is apart of two very competitive fantasy football leagues
(Lord help me)
We have decided to start liking the Seahawks. We will see how this goes. We are also keeping an eye on the University of Washington.
Tyler is growing so fast and he is so sweet. He has his manners down so well. He says please and thank you to everything. He is so compassionate he loves to help. This is him sweeping and then he just got tired and decided to lay down. He talks great and loves to tell you that he loves you. He melts my heart daily.
Bad Family picture but I will say that we have a lot more family time here. Loving life!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So one of my Young Life girls that just graduated made a trip up here to see us. Over the years she has become one of my best friends. This girls love of God, life, people, and adventure is inspiring. I always have so much fun with her. We stayed busy the whole week.

I always seem to relive my past when she is around by giving her advise and sharing good and bad stories. I forget to an 18 year old it can look pretty crazy at times ;)

We started off the week with a beach outing and bike ride. Then we did some crazy stuff like visit a kangaroo farm. She was with us when we bought the boat so of course we had to take it out. Stephanie and I took off one day and drove up Mt. Baker. We had a blast. We explored and found some random roads to climb. We almost hiked but I wimped out. I was to scared of the cougars and bears. (It wasn't a real hiking trail)

My time with her is always life changing. She challenges me in everyway but gives me such happiness and joy being apart of her life.

Thank you Steph for such an awesome week.

This is a cute barn that is down the road from my house. Steph loved it. She was amazed there was nothing bad written on it.

Tyler would do everything Stephanie did. She also goes barefoot everywhere. This is our exploring islands day.
This is the waterfall at Mt. Baker. We tried to hike it but I got scared. I used to be way more adventures.
This is the valley we found after driving up the mountain. It was so fun and just breath taking.

This girl is such a big part of my life. I love you so much Stephanie.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Boat

Both Aaron and I have wanted a boat since we were teenagers. When we got married we went boat shopping all the time. We never purchased one because it just wasn't good timing. So of course we get here and there is water all around us. Every weekend we kept thinking there is so much more to discover if we only had a boat. Sooooooo we did it. We made our first toy purchase. We went with a boat that had a cabin in it so Tyler can nap and he thinks it is his cave. So far we have not regretted the purchase at all. The first day we took it out and Aaron got it stuck in the mud so he had to push us out. Pretty funny. The next day we did a sunset cruise and saw little seals playing. It was worth waiting for! I am so excited to go camping next weekend and explore more islands here in Washington. I think this boat is going to give us some awesome family adventures.

Deception Pass from the boat
The Boat
Tyler's Cave
Tyler loves to drive
Exploring an island

Sunday, July 25, 2010


For those of you missing Tyler here are a few cute updates.
He talks so much now. He repeats everything you say.
(Close eyes, go sleep)
(All better)
(I lub u)
(bye bye thank you)
He told me the other day his ear itched?? It amazes me how much he knows.
He even tells us exactly what he wants. Usually it is change the channel or roll down the window, turn the air off, put him down, don't hold his hand... He is Mr. Independent. He is still very picky but is venturing out and trying things. He loves to hide. Sometimes I find him in a closet or under a blanket. We play the "I am coming to get you game often" That usually motivates him to get in the bath tub or jump in his bed.

He is getting better about going to sleep at night. He calls it "Sleepy Time" so cute!! He says his prayers and tries just about every tactic he can think of to get us to stay in his room.

He is the master of the dogs. He is usually telling them they are bad or yelling at them (Ha I think he is actually imitating me :%)

He still loves to hug and kiss. He can work my iphone better than I can which has caused me to spend too much money on apps. He is for the most part a really good boy. He minds most of the time. My biggest battle with him is making him sit down or climbing on the dogs.

He loves to play outside. We are running around or going to the park every chance we get. He talks about Texas a lot. He knows he is going on a plane in a few months to see his family.

He can count to 10 and sing twinkle twinkle little star. (Melts my heart) He loves TV which I try to limit as much as possible.

I adore this little boy. He is so much fun!
New helmet... he won't take it off. It is for the big bike so don't think we are that over protective and I promise we don't make him wear it in the car.
He loves to show us his food