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Saturday, January 22, 2011


What a rough week. We found out on Monday Tyler had Pneumonia. Of course the extreme worrier that I am it freaked me out! We went to the emergency room on Tuesday night because his breathing was a little scary. They observed him for a bit and then sent us right home. The next day Aaron had to go out of town and Tyler woke up 10 times worse. I was devastated. I couldn't understand how he could be sick for 5 days and not seem to be getting better. By 4pm that afternoon he finally starting acting like he was feeling better. A good friend of mine came over to help me (Leslie is an angel) and by the time she got there he was running around the house bouncing off walls. I am sure she thought I was a drama queen. I have heard that kids always make there parents look like liars ;)

So for future reference if your kid has pneumonia most doctors won't tell you to or not to take them to the hospital. We were told if he was very lethargic take him. (He slept all day one of the days). We were also told if we saw his rib cage take him in. Of course I saw his rib cage he was rapidly breathing. Now that I have gone through it I know now that sleeping all day and rapid breathing isn't as serious as I thought but boy it was scary.

Bad news is I have been told that once you get pneumonia you will always be susceptible to it. Not looking forward to going through that again.

Tyler is much better now. We are in Canada for the weekend. I will say I am a little scared of him relapsing but trying not to let my worrying problem ruin everyones fun.


Brad and/or Bree Banks said...

So sorry to hear it! We will pray for peace of mind for you, and no relapses for Tyler. It is really scary to see your baby having difficulty with breathing, so the ER trip makes sense to me.

Hugs & prayers,

Jodi said...

Ohhh sweet boy and sweet mom!!! It is so hard to see our babies sick! Better safe then sorry is what I say! I'd rather feel dumb for taking my kids in to the Dr. then regret it if they get worse! You're a great mommy!

ameybc said...

Oh, his little face breaks my heart! I hate it when our babies are sick :( I can't even imagine how I would feel if one of my kids had pneumonia (I agree, I think it sounds scary). I remember one time when Wyatt had a really high fever - should we take him to the doctor or not? - we decided to see how he did through the night and the next day his fever had broken and he had a rash everywhere. He ended up having Roseola which I learned is pretty common, but the really high fever scared me. If he'd had any trouble breathing, we so would have gone to the ER!! You did the right thing. I'll pray he doesn't relapse and you all can have a great time skiing and playing in the snow.